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The Power of Possible ... everything is possible with the right people

Creating positive futures for people and communities through new ideas, a new approach and a new energy.

Fedcap Employment and Fedcap Scotland are part of the experienced not-for-profit organisation, The Fedcap Group. We deliver employability solutions across Britain to build communities through a blend of local frontline professional teams and like-minded supplier network, using innovated tested ideas both developed locally and internationally. 





Together, we bring over 80 years’ experience in delivering tremendous results in breaking down barriers to societal inclusion and financial wellbeing.

We are building on our experience and success in America to develop further programmes of support across Britain to innovate and help to transform the lives of as many people as possible.


Our purpose is to create opportunities for our customers by designing and delivering innovative, sustainable solutions and creating measurable changes for those who are socially disadvantaged. We employ a workforce of dedicated employability and health professionals.


All our people have worked for industry leading organisations in the past and we pride ourselves in recruiting locally to ensure our teams understand and empathise with local needs and we empower them to put the customer at the heart of delivery and solutions. 


Together, we bring innovation, values, ambition, and a number of safe pairs of hands to the market. Plus, as we are a charity, we are not burdened with shareholder return and are able to reinvest in our frontline and continuously improve our services.


To advance the social and economic wellbeing of disadvantaged people within our communities.



We help individuals that need our support to find sustainable work. Over the next five years we will be the fastest growing employability business, we will be a trusted partner to:

  • governments

  • authorities of all kinds

  • employers

  • delivery organisations with a shared mission, and

  • most of all to customers.

When people think of employability, and solving the challenges unemployment brings to individuals, families and communities - they will think of Fedcap first.



We deliver our mission through our values:

                  We care about our people and treat each other with kindness.



We are customer-focused, dedicated to exceptional services, treating all our customers and stakeholders with respect. 

We act with integrity at all times - open and transparent with all stakeholders.

We strive to always be better, through innovation we will improve our services to customers.

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