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Brighter Futures

Helping people in Leicester and Leicestershire find a job to meet their needs. 


Brighter Futures

An employability programme to 

support people with health issues

Brighter Futures is a new employability programme available for people with health issues or learning difficulties living in Leicester and Leicestershire. The programme is funded by the Community Fund and the European Social Fund.


Our aim is to provide people with the right of support to help them overcome their barriers that may be preventing them from entering employment – whether it’s health related, lack of confidence, anxiety and so on. 


Each person who joins the programme will have their own dedicated personal consultant who will work them throughout their journey to develop their very own support package giving them all the tools they need to start work.  


They will have access to our in-house qualified health advisers to support them with any health issues they may have and giving them the ability to manage their health condition while at work.


For more information about Brighter Futures go to

Is your health holding you back?

If so, you can join the Brighter Futures programme and we'll help you to bridge the gap between any health issues and securing work. By fully understanding your health issue your personal consultant and health adviser will tailor the service to your requirements, making sure any employment goals and aspirations are suitable for you.

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