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We pride ourselves in recruiting locally to ensure our teams understand and empathise with local needs and we empower them to put the customer at the heart of delivery and solutions.

About Commercial Agreement for Employment and Health Related Services – CAEHRS

We’d love to work with you in these challenging times. We know the last few months have been difficult for a lot of people in our society and we believe we can make a difference even though the country and industry are still surrounded by incredible change and uncertainty.

Our senior team have led sector organisations in previous times of change and recession in the UK and our parent group was specifically established to make a difference in the last big recession, nearly a century ago. We know we have the passion, knowledge and experience to bring a progressive approach to these extraordinary times, but we can’t do it alone, we want to work with like-minded and equally passionate organisations who have the local skills and the motivation to succeed.

In return we will be proposing a different collaborative and transformational approach to our partnerships and supplier network; plus we are also offering the added value of access to our infrastructure and our support to help you build your organisation for the future. 

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A message from our CEO

With a current contract portfolio that includes: Intensive Personalised Employment Support, European Social Fund Links to Work, Work and Health Programme, Fair Start Scotland and Specialist Employability Support, we are confident we have the expertise and experience to secure a place as a Tier 1 supplier.

Brian Bell

We are still looking for like-minded organisations to work with us. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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In July, the DWP launched CAEHRS, a framework designed to facilitate the provision of Employment and Health Related Services to the government and other contracting bodies across England, Wales and Scotland, with a total value of £7.5bn.






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