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Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES)

Helping you overcome your barriers to move that bit closer to employment

Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) 


A flexible voluntary programme

for people with disabilities 


We believe everyone should have the same opportunity to access a job that is right for them no matter what their circumstances are - our new programme IPES does just that. 


IPES is available for people aged 18 plus, who have a disability and live in the South of England in areas such as:

  • Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

  • Surrey and Sussex

  • Wiltshire, Hampshire and South West

  • Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire

  • Devon and Cornwall


Customers need to be 12 months from the labour market/employment to get support. Get in touch if this is you and we'll sit down and look at how we can support you - giving you a very personalised service based on your individual needs. 

Getting to know you

We want to understand your needs and circumstances so we'll spend time getting to know you over a cuppa in the community or a location of your choice. You will have access to your very own specialist key worker who will work with you throughout your journey at a pace that suits you and a place where you feel most comfortable.


We'll work with you to identify any personal or work-related barriers you may have so that we can provide you with the right level of support to help you move that bit closer to finding a job that meets your needs. 

How we can support you 

When you join the programme you'll get access to our specialist health and disability support such as BID services and Big White Wall - an online community so you can start building up your network of support. 


You'll work with our in-house health professionals who will be able to provide you with effective coping strategies to help you better manage your disability as well as supporting with mental health and wellbeing issues you may have such as anxiety, depression, stress and trauma as well as lifestyle challenges. 

As well as helping you manage your disability, we'll also give you employability support to make sure your CV is up to date and you feel comfortable in an interview scenario. 

Looking for work

When you feel ready to start looking for work, we'll explore your options and work with you to find the right job to suit your skills - working with local Disability Confident employers. Your key worker will make your potential employer aware of any workplace adjustments you may need so that that you feel comfortable in your working environment. We'll also make sure the employer is familiar with the type of support needed to meet the expectation of the job. 

And don't worry once you are in work our support doesn’t stop there. We’ll keep in touch with you for up to six months to make sure everything’s going well. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions, and to support you with any challenges you might face along the way.

For more details or to express an interest complete the form below, email or call us on 0800 917 9262.

IPES news

Is your health holding you back?

If so, speak to one of our advisers. They will work with you to help you to bridge the gap between any health issues and securing work. By fully understanding your health issue your personal consultant and health adviser will tailor the service to your requirements, making sure any employment goals and aspirations are suitable for you.

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