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Finding work for people is our sole purpose

We pride ourselves in recruiting locally to ensure our teams understand and empathise with local needs and we empower them to put the customer at the heart of delivery and solutions.

The Job Entry: Targeted Support (JETS)

Following our success in entering into a Commercial Agreement for the provision of Employment and Health Related Services (CAEHRS) under the Scotland lot, we will tender for a Call-Off contract to deliver JETS Scotland.

The contract will be for a period of 12 months, commencing January 2021, with a funding envelope of £21.75m. DWP reserves the right to extend the contract for up to a further 12 months at its absolute discretion, with an anticipated overall value of £45m.


JETS Scotland will be a Programme that will help people who have been unemployed and in receipt of benefits for at least 13 weeks, to find sustained work. JETS Scotland will provide early support which will complement the wider labour market offer of support through a sector-based approach that responds to local priorities.

Key principles


  • JETS Scotland provision is a new offer, to provide light-touch employment support to help people recently made unemployed, primarily due to the economic impact of Covid-19.

  • This support must fit with the wider labour market offer of support, including from Jobcentre Plus and external support, both national and local.

The primary objectives of JETS Scotland are to:


  • make support available to people who have been out of work and in receipt of benefits for at least 13 weeks, to help them gain paid employment;


  • maximise the opportunities to support people to find work, given the reduced availability of DWP resource / capacity;

  • support each Participant to develop realistic job goals and career paths; identify suitable and achievable steps to realise these goals;


  • ensure each Participant receives tailored quality support to overcome barriers to securing employment in the prevailing local labour market sector conditions, including sign posting to other support available; and

  • ensure providers work closely with employers, local partners and services to respond to key events or labour market changes with positive and innovative solutions.


​We know, through experience, that the key to successful delivery is through a partnership of like-minded organisations and we will always work with local companies, bodies and specialised supplier networks to deliver effective solutions. If you would like to join our partner network - we are interested to hear from you. 

Please complete the JETS response document and the inftastructure stencil below before 12pm on 19 October 2020 and email them to If you haven’t already, can you also please complete our EOI form.

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