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A message from
Brian Bell, CEO

Fedcap Employment welcomes the release of the CAEHRS framework by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), the core mechanism through which work, health and employability programmes will be procured by DWP and other government departments across the next five years. With a current contract portfolio that includes: Intensive Personalised Employment Support, European Social Fund Links to Work, Work and Health Programme, Fair Start Scotland and Specialist Employability Support, we are confident we have the expertise and experience to secure a place as a Tier 1 supplier.  


We are part of the The Fedcap Group, a New York based charity with a rich history of delivering real change for disadvantaged individuals and communities, influencing policy and delivering life changing support to 320,000 people in the USA each year. Proud as we are of our parent company, here in the UK we operate as an autonomous entity, able to draw on the Group’s resources and services, build and deploy our own, or procure these from carefully selected partners. We believe this lends us an agility that is unique in the marketplace.  

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These are unprecedented times. Over the life of the framework our communities will have to deal with the immediate economic impact of the global COVID-19 crisis, working to minimise longer term effects on individuals, communities, and local economic prosperity. In parallel, we need to stay focused on improving the life chances of the citizens who are the focus of current programmes and initiatives. We pride ourselves in recruiting and partnering locally to ensure our teams understand and empathise with local needs, empowering them to put the customer at the heart of delivery and solutions.


Predicted levels of unemployment mean our sector will need to scale up to meet demand and deliver relevant, quality services to citizens seeking jobs and better work. We need to be ready to respond as economic and social factors play out across the country, adapting what we do to deliver outcomes across the Region’s communities and economic sectors. As an organisation that finds work for people as our sole purpose, we are ready to provide leadership to ensure employability services are equipped for the task ahead.


I think most would agree that the only certainty across the next five years is a landscape of constant change. Fedcap Employment’s strategy to meet these demands for scale and responsiveness centres around a network of trusted partners, able to grow and consolidate, flex and pivot as circumstances require. We will be a Transformational Prime, building an integrated and resilient network of partners to support the Region’s success, ready to adapt in response to dynamic circumstances.


As a stakeholder, invested in the future success of your area, we want to hear your views, ideas and concerns about CAEHRS. We are genuinely passionate in our drive to work collaboratively with local partners to co-design local solutions, combine funding streams, align services around the needs of local people - all around building economic wellbeing and supporting people into work.


If your organisation would like to work with us as part of our partner network, our EOI form is available. You can also let us know if you would like to stay in touch with us and receive an invitation to an introduction event, should we be successful on the framework.


Kind Regards

Brian Bell

Chief Executive Officer

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