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Anna* had some barriers to overcome before landing her dream job-with the help and support from Kat

Why did Anna join Links to Work M3 programme?

Anna* was referred to the Links to Work M3 programme by Basingstoke Jobcentre Plus in October 2019. At the time she was working for a retail company but didn’t feel she was getting the support from her employer and was permitted from working certain hours under the guidance from her doctors. At the time she was feeling very low and was in a very vulnerable position.

How has Links to Work M3 helped?

Anna was introduced to her Personal Adviser, Kat who worked with her to understand her situation and identify the barriers that Anna was facing.  It was clear that Anna lacked confidence and after their initial chat, Anna told Kat that she just come of Anti- Depressants medication but was considering going back on them as she wasn’t feeling herself.  Kat contacted her doctors on her behalf and made her appointment, she was also offered health and wellbeing support but didn’t feel this was right for her. On the advice of her doctor, she went back on to the Anti-Depressants which improved her sleep – making her function.  

With speaking to Anna, it was clear to Kat that she was interested in either an admin role or as an Activity’s Coordinator in a Care home – both of these roles she had done before therefore felt comfortable and confident in applying for similar jobs.  Kat worked with Anna to get her an up to date CV and tailored her CV to highlight the key skills which were relevant for a particular job. With her new CV, Anna felt more confident about applying for other roles.

ln January 2020, Kat received a call from Anna to tell her that she had been offered a job as an Activity’s Coordinator in a Care home, but she expressed concern about all the insecurities that she was having.

After a lengthy telephone conversation and talking through different scenarios Anna felt content as she realised that this role would give her the work-life balance that she needed and could see her life turning around and becoming a happier person.

What’s next

Kat contacted Anna on her first day of work to see how things had gone and she seemed a different person, she was much happier and so confident. Anna said:

“it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m so happy that I came onto the programme as Kat and Tanaka both supported me and helped me gain my confidence. They showed me that I could do something else with my life and make it a positive one. Thank you very much”.

*not her real name

If you lack self-esteem, confidence or need to improve your health and wellbeing get in touch with the team. They will work with you to get you back on track. Register your details today or get in touch on 0800 917 9262.


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