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Bryan’s building a new career path with Restart

Bryan, 61, joined the Restart scheme at our Staines office in November 2022. He had been in the building industry since leaving school at 15 but left due to a hernia. Struggling to find work had left him feeling low and depressed with an urgent need to get his confidence back. ​

With the help of his adviser, Bryan attended a CV workshop and a job club to get help with how to apply for positions. He also received help with IT and digital skills with his adviser supporting him in learning to construct, send and reply to emails. ​

Bryan now has an up-to-date CV and is in the process of getting a passport for identification purposes. He is upbeat, confident and happy and looking forward to getting more help from Fedcap. ​

Bryan said: “Being on Restart has brought my confidence back and helped me raise my head by being so helpful with workshops and my CV.” ​


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