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“Fedcap gave me the confidence and believed in me to help me get a job"

As a single mum of two children, Jen* felt the financial pressure of trying to look for work whilst also supporting her family. With the support she received from the Restart Scheme, she is now thrilled to be back in work, doing a job that she loves.

Why Jen joined the Restart Scheme?

Jen had been out of work for two years before she joined the Restart Scheme. She had left her previous role due to the request of her partner at the time and had struggled financially since their separation. As a single mum of two children, Jen felt the financial pressure of trying to look for work whilst also supporting her family. Her confidence had been shaken and she didn’t know what work she could do or how she could manage with two children and a job.

How the Restart Scheme helped?

When Jen was referred to the Restart Scheme, she was very determined to start looking for work and didn’t want to let her low self-esteem hold her back. She fully engaged in the workshops that her employment adviser, Imogen, put her forward for to help prepare her for interviews and build her confidence.

Imogen helped Jen to apply for roles that would be suitable for and meet her needs. They built an excellent working relationship and constantly kept each other informed about vacancies they thought were appropriate. The more interviews Jen had, the more confident she became.

Getting the job

When the ideal role as a Specialist at Apple became available, Imogen helped Jen apply and conducted mock interviews to ensure she was fully prepared. Jen had four rounds of interviews with the multinational technology company, including both virtual and face to face interviews and assessments, and each time received fantastic feedback. Jen was delighted to be offered the role and is thoroughly enjoying it so far. The role fits around her childcare responsibilities and exceeds her salary expectations. Imogen helped Jen obtain childcare support for the first three weeks of her employment to ensure she was able to start her job, which would have proved difficult otherwise.

What is next for Jen?

Jen’s long-term goal is to progress in the company; she is currently on a temporary contract but with the potential to be accepted as a permanent employee. Sales has always been a passion of hers, so she hopes to succeed in this role so she can apply for a role in the field at the company in the future.

The In-Work Support team will continue to support Jen and help ensure that if her contract with Apple ends, she has employment to go into. Jen has gained experience from the interview process and has now closed her unemployment gap.

Jen said:

“Fedcap gave me the confidence and believed in me to help me get a job at Apple. Fedcap gives the support to go hand in hand with getting back into employment. They took me out of my comfort zone and believed in me before I did.”

We are delighted to have been able to assist Jen in securing employment and wish her the best of luck in her new role!

*Not real name.

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