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Grit and determination are key to Lily’s success

A social worker who lost her job during the coronavirus pandemic has got her career back on track thanks to our support on the Restart Scheme.

Lily*, 56, from Oxfordshire, had been in a temporary role before the virus struck and she became unemployed. With her marriage also breaking down, our team worked hard to rebuild Lily’s confidence step-by-step and help her get back into meaningful work.

Why Lily joined the Restart Scheme

After becoming unemployed, being diagnosed with a chronic health condition and her marriage breaking down, Lily was understandably feeling very low. She was doubting her own capabilities and had very low self-esteem.

She was referred by her Jobcentre Plus Work Coach to the Restart Scheme for our support.

How Fedcap helped

Lily was partnered with Employment Adviser Beatrice Liljenberg, who immediately started to build up Lily’s confidence.

Lily was very active in workshops and enjoyed the interaction with tutors and other people who found themselves in similar situations.

Although previously a social worker, Lily expressed a desire to start her own counselling business – but wanted to focus on finding a job and resolving immediate issues before doing so.

And despite a short-term job in the hotel industry not working out, her fortunes weren’t too far away from changing.

Getting the job

After her stint in hospitality, Lily came back for further support with a huge level of grit and determination to make the next step – and make it a sustainable long-term option.

She has now gained employment as a social worker in West Yorkshire. And even though she has relocated, Lily will still receive in-work support from our team.

She is settling in well in her new role and has a new-found love for her profession and reignited her passion to help and support people in need.

Lily said: “Thanks for all your encouragement, for holding me when I began my journey with you and for believing in me.”

*not real name


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