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“If it wasn’t for the Fedcap team I wouldn’t be in work now”

Michael was 58 when he joined the Restart scheme in July 2022. He has experience as a labourer and vending machine operator but since 2019 has only had occasional temporary jobs. He suffers from sciatica and back pain and diabetes which means he’s unable to drive.

When Michael came to Fedcap in Oxford, he did not have a CV and had limited IT skills. We signposted him to a free IT course at a local college and created a CV to highlight his transferrable skills. We helped him apply for jobs and gave him the confidence to write and respond to emails and create attachments.

Michael found a vacancy as a school's premises assistant and with our support to prepare him for an interview, landed the job!

Michael is now working 25 hours a week Monday to Friday. He is the first to show up at school and the headteacher has already thanked him for his services.

Michael said: “I am very grateful to Fedcap for the help they gave me. If it wasn’t for the Fedcap team I wouldn’t be in work now.”


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