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Immediate Restart success for Barry

A man who found work after receiving our support has thanked our Chichester team for being ‘amazing’.

After becoming unemployed, Barry* was referred to the Restart Scheme for help in returning to the workplace. Within just a few sessions, Barry was back on his feet with a full-time role – and with a new business idea ready to launch when the time is right.

Why Barry joined the Restart Scheme

Barry was made redundant by his previous company due to them relocating and him not being able to join them because of his family commitments locally.

How Fedcap helped

Barry was teamed up with Employment Adviser Rose and was eager to take on all the advice, guidance and workshops that were on offer.

After completing all the assessments, watching a lot of videos available to Fedcap customers and uploading his CV so employers could see him and his skills set, Barry was all set.

Our partners at Momentic also supported Barry to progress a new business idea.

Getting the job

Almost immediately after uploading his CV, Barry started to get calls and emails from potential employers and recruitment agencies. And after speaking to one employer in particular, he was offered a full-time role as a Dispatcher.

While he is parking the new business venture for now, Barry is still keeping it on the back burner and will continue to progress it at his own pace.

Barry said: “My experience with Fedcap is extremely positive. The team are wonderful, extremely supportive, and totally non-judgemental.

“Rose has been extremely helpful and supportive throughout my experience with Fedcap, always beaming with a genuine smile and approaching me with respect and openness.

“My journey is definitely not over, and I will stay in touch with the amazing group of people working in Chichester’s office. I wish them all the best and thank them for all the support they have offered me.”

*not real name

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