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“It feels to be great to be working again after four years!”

Gordon had been unemployed for four years since losing his job. Diagnosed with ADHD and Dyspraxia, the 36-year-old has suffered from anxiety and depression for ten years. His limited work experience led him to the Restart scheme run by Fedcap in Brighton to help secure him work.

Gordon participated in one-to-one sessions with a tutor to improve his CV and interview skills. He attended in-person workshops to upskill and also enrolled on the Activ8 programme. In addition, he contacted MIND and Brighton and Hove Wellbeing to seek support for mental health and anxiety.

With our support, Gordon applied for a job at Asda and secured a temporary position. He performed so well in the role, he was asked to return on a full-time basis. He wants to work at Asda for as long as possible and continues to volunteer for the Salvation Army and at Grace Eyre, a local charity supporting people with learning disabilities and autism.

Gordon said: “If it wasn’t for Fedcap encouraging me as much as they did, I would never even have thought of applying to Asda, let alone a temporary job becoming a permanent one. I still think I am dreaming sometimes. It feels to be great to be working again after four years.”


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