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Joining a new industry remotely

It goes without saying that joining a new industry is unnerving at the best of times. Whatever you think you know about the role, there is always the thought that you could be walking into something completely unexpected - something so unknown to you - that it is completely out of your hands. Of course, this is never truly the case, but you never know until you start.

During my time at Fedcap, I have been lucky enough to have been given some amazing opportunities and training, even starting as far back as the interview process. Any initial interview I have done in the past has taken place within the company’s building, but due to the current situation – the global pandemic - I was interviewed from the comfort of my own bedroom. It was a far cry from being able to meet my potential employer in person. My initial worry was how I was going to be able to express my personality through a computer screen and showcase that I was the right person for the role of an assistant employment adviser.

Sitting in front of my Zoom account – something so familiar to me now – was alien at this point: it had seldom been used apart from to talk to family members or the occasional Zoom quiz. Planning for this interview was the same as any other; I made sure I had prepared my research on the company and knew exactly why I wanted to work there. For Fedcap, this was simple: their values of kindness and a genuine want to help people were evident from the get-go. As I waited for my interview to load up, it felt odd to have pre-interview nerves sat at the desk I usually do my make-up. However, I need not have worried, because my interviewers – Ally and Teresa – made me feel completely at ease. Whilst conducted in the style of a formal interview with all the usual questions, it felt like I was having a chat about myself and my values to people who genuinely cared about them. They didn’t even mind when my ten-year-old sister walked in behind me, which I must say has not happened in any other interview I’ve had. It also gave me the opportunity to ask them both any questions I had about the role and the company, which helped me greatly. It is evident that they were looking for the right morals and passion to fit the company, instead of the direct experience within the recruitment industry.

This was beneficial for both of us. Whilst I had experience that mirrored Fedcap’s values of helping those in need, I did not have the direct experience of being an Employment Adviser. This meant that after a socially distanced second interview and a job offer, the real nerves set in. Although passionate about the role and hopeful I could do it justice, there were still seeds of doubt that my experience would be beneficial to the role. Again, I need not have worried.

On my first day in October 2020 I was greeted – virtually – by a sea of friendly faces on Zoom. My new laptop and work phone had just arrived, and I was ready to go. Until now, my lockdown routine had been making banana bread, but it was a hugely refreshing change to work and be making a difference. For my first three weeks I was trained completely by Fedcap and Seetec Pluss, so my lack of direct experience was never going to be an issue. The training ranged from how to use the internal CMS system – something second nature to me now but unknown to me then – to personal development and health and safety. It equipped me with every possible thing needed for my role, and even gave me an insight into other roles as well. It was interesting to see how the cross line of business collaboration worked within The Fedcap Group, and how collectively everyone works together to create genuine results.

Once the training was over and it was time for me to begin my role, I was ready to go live and start talking to the customers I had been hired to help. Working with my direct line manager, Natalie, I was able to shadow her and see exactly how an Initial Call should be conducted. This further enhanced my knowledge of the role and the industry, and everyone in my team – as well as the wider company – was on hand for any questions I had (regardless how small!). The supportive environment of a smaller team, combined with a company that genuinely cares and invests in its people, armed me with everything I needed to start a completely new industry. Whilst the first-day nerves were from the comfort of my own bedroom, I have been given the opportunity to adapt to a new virtual working environment with ease.

“I have been working for Fedcap since the day the JETS Programme launched in October 2020. I had never previously worked within the Employability Industry, and so far it has exceeded all expectations. My colleagues and managers have been kind, welcoming and supportive, which has helped me settle in greatly. The job itself is fast-paced and exciting, and it is great to work for a company that makes a difference to people’s lives”, said Emily.


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