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Jonathon's new job is a walk in the park

Jonathan is back in work for the first time in five years thanks to the help of Fedcap’s Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) programme.

Why Jonathon joined the IPES programme

Jonathan joined our IPES programme in early 2020 – just before the country went into lockdown due to COVID-19. Having been out of work for more than five years and suffering from confidence and assertiveness issues, he was keen to get support to find a job and start earning a living again.

How Fedcap helped?

Jonathan teamed up with our expert Kevin Doherty who helped him every step of the way on his journey back into work.

Throughout the programme and despite coming up against all the difficulties the pandemic threw up, Jonathan showed a continued level of determination and enthusiasm.

He completed specialist training in employability and health and safety to help him become more employable and was rewarded when the labour market started to pick up again in early 2021 when he landed three separate interviews thanks to our occupational inclusion specialist Becky O’Donovan.

Getting the job

One of the opportunities was with Bude Holiday Park, run by Aria Resorts. Its manager, Paul Riley, worked closely with Becky to understand Jonathon’s skills, needs and barriers. Paul was receptive to them all and was impressed with Jonathon’s attitude.

And despite the initial job offered being as a food and beverage assistant, Jonathan has also taken on work in cleaning and maintenance in other areas of the park.

He has taken to his new role well, showing exceptional levels of commitment and building strong relationships with his manager and other colleagues.

Jonathon said: “I now have something to do, I am just happy to be doing something, and I feel very supported.”

His manager Paul said: “I think Jonathon is amazing. It is rare you see someone so reliable and so keen. I am so impressed.”

Jonathon is currently being helped through our in-work support offer and is doing well in his new role.


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