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Lucas rewarded for his dedication

South West man Lucas Matthews says his confidence has returned after landing his first ever job with the help of our employment specialists.

Lucas, (pictured second from the right) with Fedcap's Occupational Inclusion Specialist, Becky Smith and the Warehousing team at Millbrook Healthcare

Why Lucas joined the IPES programme

Having no previous work experience and with his confidence low, Lucas wanted some extra support. Determined to succeed, he joined our Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) programme in June 2021.

How Fedcap helped?

Lucas was teamed up with Specialist Key Worker Aimee Byliefeldt and Occupational Inclusion Specialist Becky Smith. The duo started by building up Lucas’ confidence.

It didn’t take long for Lucas to feel confident enough to step out of his comfort zone, moving from telephone appointments to face-to-face sessions. Lucas also benefitted from the Fedcap Hub, which enabled him to improve his CV and interview skills in preparation for when the time came to impress potential new employers.

It was clear from the outset that Lucas was determined to move into full-time work. Despite not having any work experience, he is a keen photographer and enjoys taking apart and assembling technological products – a great transferable skill which could be applied to a variety of roles.

Becky started to speak with local employers to see how Lucas’ problem-solving and creative skills might suit them.

Getting the job

One of the employers Becky spoke to, Millbrook Healthcare, took an immediate shine to Lucas. The technician role would involve assembling, repairing and maintaining specialist healthcare equipment while also taking photos to keep the product catalogue up to date.

With Lucas agreeing it would be a perfect fit, our team got going to support him to prepare a stand-out application and help him get ready for the interview process. This included showing his potential new employers his portfolio of photography and organising a practical test to enable Lucas to show off his abilities.

Lucas impressed managers at the interview, performing exceptionally well throughout. And after successfully completing a work trial, he landed his first ever job.

Lucas said: “I have a routine again now, before having a job there was no routine. Now there is a structure and I like this. My confidence has improved. I can now speak to more people in general with more confidence, whereas I couldn’t have before. This comes from being around people most of the day.”

Gary Smith, Logistics and Warehouse Manager at Millbrook Healthcare, said: “Lucas has great energy and enthusiasm, and he demonstrates this every day. He has absolutely hit the ground running and become a key member of our team. Lucas is proactive in his approach, and he has taken it upon himself to learn about the products we stock.

“He has built relationships not only with our internal team but our external suppliers. His work ethic has impressed all levels of management at our depot. Lucas is a genuinely polite young lad, who has huge potential. I can see much success in his future.”

Rob Mayer, Depot Manager at Millbrook Healthcare, said: “Lucas is an absolute credit to the work that Fedcap does. He is someone who has embraced every opportunity he has been given and has fitted into the workforce seamlessly.

“I would recommend Fedcap to anyone, and have already made enquiries to see if there was anyone else they might have who was suitable for a role that recently came up amongst the team. The biggest thanks, though, go to Lucas himself, who deserves every success he is currently having through his dedication and hard work.”

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