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National employer commits to supporting jobseekers with health conditions

A national employer has teamed up with employment specialists Fedcap Employment to help support people with disabilities and health conditions into work.

Photo of Emily Fox with Tracey Oldham and Becky Smith
The SOCOTEC and Fedcap Employment teams alongside new recruit Nigel Mitchell

SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, has joined forces with Fedcap – and is already helping to change people’s lives.

With 42 offices in Britain, SOCOTEC have made a commitment by signing up to the government’s Disability Confident scheme following the support from Fedcap.

After learning of Fedcap’s work and its values, the SOCOTEC team were keen to explore ways the organisations could work together.

Becky Smith, Occupational Inclusion Specialist at Fedcap Employment, laid the foundations for the partnership, which has already seen the employer attend jobs fairs, speak to potential new recruits and identify opportunities for a long-term pipeline of talent.

A handful of Fedcap customers have already been supported through the process and started work at SOCOTEC – with many more set to follow suit in the coming weeks and months.

Nigel Mitchell, 63, from Weybridge, had been unemployed for seven years before being supported on the Intensive Personalised Employment Support (IPES) programme. Despite suffering from depression and with complex diabetic needs, he was determined to find work but often found his age went against him.

Working with Fedcap’s Specialist Key Worker Gemma Boys, Nigel’s confidence started to grow, and it wasn’t long before he impressed bosses at SOCOTEC to land a role as a Trainee Field Technician, allowing him to come off benefits for the first time in years.

He said: “SOCOTEC are understanding of my health and have really understood my condition. The technicians always stop and chat it’s brilliant. Having this job has given me a purpose. I don’t want to stay in bed anymore. Even if I am feeling tired, I still want to get up and go into work. I want to carry on doing this until I retire. I would even consider going down to part-time at retirement. I would love to continue as long as I am capable.”

Read Nigel’s full story.

Jack Adams, 22, from Bournemouth, is diagnosed with Asperger’s and was out of work for three years until support from the IPES programme and this new partnership.

He worked with Fedcap’s Specialist Key Worker Emma Davis to boost his confidence levels, engage with stress management techniques, focus on his transferable skills and upskill ready to find a suitable job.

After landing a job as a Trainee Field Technician, Jack said: “I feel great about it. It's good so far. I never thought I'd go for a job like this but I'm excited to see where it goes from here.”

Read Jack’s full story.

Fedcap will continue to support people placed into the role for six months, ensuring the role works for everyone involved.

Lisa Massey, HR Director at SOCOTEC, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to be working with Fedcap. Irrespective of an individual’s needs they should feel that they can be included in a normal working environment. Organisations can always adapt and accommodate, and we should fully utilise the talents they have got.”

Linda Matthews, Head of Talent and Development at SOCOTEC, said: “We are excited to look at partnership opportunities with Fedcap. There is a lot of potential for SOCOTEC to demonstrate ways in which we can support people to come into our organisation.”

Becky Smith said: “It’s great that we’re working with a big, national organisation and they’ve come on board to support people who have a health condition. What’s more, the jobs on offer are not necessarily entry level jobs, so we can help to raise aspirations in our communities. Hopefully other employers will see the difference that’s being made and join us on this journey.”


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