Stuart kickstarts dream career thanks to Intensive Personalised Employment Support

Stuart joins the programme with the aim of securing an office job but ends up living his dream and pursuing a career in modelling thanks to the encouragement and support from IPES.

Why Stuart joined IPES?

Stuart began on the programme in November 2020 with the hope of finding work in an office or in a warehouse environment. Stuart’s dream job was to be a model, but he knew he needed to make sure he was financially stable first.

How IPES helped?

Stuart was introduced to specialist key worker Fiorella, she supported him with his CV, tailoring them to suit an office administrator and a warehouse role. However, Fiorella didn’t want to forget Stuart’s dream job so they also discussed ways that he could break into the industry and identified modelling industries that he could contact for advice.

Stuart was very proactive and began applying to various modelling agencies in the hope that one of them would give him the head start he needed. While searching for office-based jobs, Fiorella also sent Stuart a number of agencies that she came across to help him stay motivated.

Getting the job

After applying to multiple agencies, Stuart received a phone call and was interviewed in the same call. The agency was very impressed with Stuart’s photos and how enthusiastic, proactive and serious he appeared to be about his modelling career. This call resulted in the agency inviting Stuart for a test shoot in London - he was able to keep some of the pictures for his portfolio.

Stuart was extremely excited for this opportunity as it could lead to an amazing career. However, even if the agency decides that they do not wish to sign him, Stuart is still incredibly happy with the opportunity as it will give him more experience in the world of modelling. He will get the chance to talk to professionals, ask questions about starting a modelling career, gather information on how to do a portfolio, and take on board any feedback they might have which will be extremely valuable for future opportunities.

Soon after his test shoots, Stuart applied for a job as a COVID Marshal and he was successful. He is enjoying the role and his main aim now is to save money and buy a house of his own so he can move out of his parents home.

Stuart is extremely grateful for the support Fiorella has given him as he feels she helped him kick start his dream by pointing him in the right direction.


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