We spoke to Natasha Victor, a veteran on our programme, as part of Armed Forces Day.

As an organisation founded by disabled veterans, making sure those who’ve served in our Armed Forces feel welcomed and supported by our programmes is very important to us.

Q. Please tell us about how you feel your local office is addressing your needs as a veteran and what if anything we could do more?

“I have felt most welcomed and accommodated by the Fedcap staff and I was informed early on about the connection to the Armed Forces by my Employment Adviser, Bianca Hunter.

There is very much a military ethos in the culture of Fedcap - camaraderie, team support and extended time with candidates who need specific training. In addition, with the collaborative effort between my Employment Adviser and DWP work coach, I have been encouraged to pursue a reservist army commission in the future - depending on which career path I take.

In my relatively short time with Fedcap, I have so far achieved an offer from Trinity Hall College at Cambridge University, I have had two local interviews and two interviews with the Civil Service. Whilst I am still in the process of discovering the outcome of these recent efforts to gain employment; I can wholeheartedly say, that my progress has been inextricably linked to the mentoring and support I have received in recent months from Fedcap and my mentors.

I do hope to be able to act as an ambassador for Fedcap one day with regard to the Armed Forces community - as there are plenty of skilled individuals leaving the regular military, with little understanding of the civilian world during their resettlement process. As such, I have every faith that Fedcap are one of the best UK non-profit organisations that can help support veterans get back to work in a fulfilling role and environment.

Thank you for your service."

Natasha Victor