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Links to Work

Working with you to help you back into sustainable employment. 

We run employability programmes

see how Links to Work can help you

Links to Work employability programme was launched in December 2016 specifically aimed at helping customers to find suitable employment. This particular programme operates out of Leicester and Leicestershire offering tailored employability support to people aged over 25 years old. It is a voluntary programme, so whether you join is totally up to you.

The programme is funded by the European Social Fund.

Getting to know you

Your journey with us starts with us getting to know you. This could be via a phone call, over a cuppa, during a welcome session – whatever works best for you. We’ll assign you your very own personal consultant who will help you plan your journey back into work.


They will work with you to identify your strengths, skills and abilities and identify any barriers you may have to employment. We want to understand your needs, circumstances and aspirations to ensure we are giving you the right support and ultimately to help you achieve your goals. We’ll design a package of support which is right for you.

Health and wellbeing

Feeling good about yourself and knowing that your employer is catering to any health-related requirements you might have is crucial for a happy work life. If you feel an aspect of your health is preventing you from finding suitable employment, we can introduce you support from one of our qualified in-house health professionals.


You’ll be able to discuss and get help with depression, anxiety, stress, confidence, sleeping problems as well as a number of physical disorders. Our health and wellbeing support doesn’t stop when you find work. We will continue to work with you and your employer to provide tailored support. 

Once you are in work our support doesn’t stop there. We’ll keep in touch with you to make sure everything’s going well. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions and to support you with any challenges you might face. 

To find out more please visit or call us on 0800 917 9262.

Is your health holding you back?

If so, you can join the Links to Work programme and we'll help you to bridge the gap between any health issues and securing work. By fully understanding your health issue your personal consultant and health adviser will tailor the service to your requirements, making sure any employment goals and aspirations are suitable for you.

Links to Work

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