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Your journey

Helping people gain the right skills to move them into sustainable employment.


Your journey

Helping you to find a job that meets your skills and abilities

no matter what your circumstances are

Before you join the service, you'll be invited to a Welcome session giving you the opportunity to find out more about your chosen programme, what to expect, the type of support available and what is involved. This is your chance to ask questions to make sure the service is right for you and meets your expectations. 

If you like what you hear then we'll need to do some checks to make sure you are eligible for the service.


What to expect when you join the programme

When you join the programme, you'll be introdcued to your adviser or consultant who will work with you throughout your journey. We've got a professional team of health and employability experts who will meet you along the way. They will be able to give you the right support to help you acheive your goal.

How you access the service and the type of support you need will vary depending on your needs and circumstances - your adviser will work through this with you.

We can offer support through different methods such as: 



  Face to face            Phone call              Video call                Virtual sessions          Online learning            Signpost to 

                                                                                                                                    and resources             specialist providers

To help us to provide a good quality service tailored to your needs, your adviser will ask you some straightforward questions using our assessment tool to help us understand:

  • your current situation

  • what you want to achieve

  • what motivates / drives you

  • your aspirations and goals

  • your interests, skills and abilities 

  • your strengths 

  • what health and wellbeing support you may need 

  • your work history

All of this informaiton will be used to create your very own personalised action plan - you will continually review and update your action plan with your adviser to see how you are doing.

When you join the programme

Once you join the programme, you will get support to:


  • identify what your job goals and career aspirations are

  • improve your employability skills

  • identify any specialist provision you might need such as ICT skills, literacy and numeracy

  • improve your health and wellbeing

  • find a job to meet your needs whether this is working for a company or through the self-employment route.


Finding a job that's right for you

We work with lots of employers across different work areas, and we'll always be your biggest advocate. We'll help you:


  • look for jobs through advertised vacanceis posted on websites and social media

  • apply for jobs

  • prepare for work - this may be training to improve your ICT skills, literacy and numeracy, manage your health and wellbeing

We offer a person-centred approach so that level of support you recieve will depend on you. Some of our customers might welcome full hands-on practical support while others might prefer a lighter approach - we will work with you to decide which is the best route for you.

Our health and wellbeing support will be avaialble throughout your journey. 

For more information get in touch, register your details or call our Freephone number on 0800 917 9262.

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Is your health holding you back?

If so, you can join the Brighter Futures programme and we'll help you to bridge the gap between any health issues and securing work. By fully understanding your health issue your personal consultant and health adviser will tailor the service to your requirements, making sure any employment goals and aspirations are suitable for you.

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